Wheaton College Gospel Choir

Founded in 1986 by 8 students including Fred Dade as pianist the Wheaton College Gospel Choir desired to worship God through traditional, urban, and contemporary Gospel music. Since 1990 the choir has continued the ministry under the enthusiastic direction of Mrs.Tanya Egler. Since its foundation the group has flourished increasing to more than 100 voices some years. The campus ministry expanded to include local churches, homeless shelters, schools, and prisons in the Chicago-land area, as well as annual spring break tours both nationally and internationally. The Choir is currently comprised of just over 70 zealous students of various majors, races, and backgrounds who carry on the legacy of ushering in lively praise and passionate worship as they introduce a unique and joyous sound by the unity of their voices.

Over the years, the choir has had the opportunity travel extensively, with tours ranging from California to NewYork. The choir has also had the privilege of ministering through music alongside such recording artists as Fred Hammond and Radical for Christ, the Soul Children of Chicago, Commissioned, the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, John P. Kee and Chicago Mass Choir. The choir has also been able to tour many areas of the United States, including the East and West coasts, southern states, and Ohio.